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Blogging from Boston

Well,I'm sure you can figure it out I'm finally in Cambridge for the WAM! Conference. It's been a long day*, but I anticipate it being crazy busy (and fun) for the next day and a half, so I'm stoked. My panel for RH Reality Check is at 11AM tomorrow, for those who are here and wanting to see the badassest panel on the media narrative on reproductive rights vs. the reality of reproductive rights. I'd ask for recommendations on sight-seeing, but I suspect I won't have a moment to breathe, much less visit the local hotspots. Which means, I probably won't be blogging much, but if I have time, I'll check in and post updates.

By the way, I'm wearing my heaviest coat here, but when I left Austin, it was shorts weather. In other words, the weather is incomprehensibly cold here, at least to this Texan. The word "unholy" comes to mind.

Minor car accident-no injuries-on the way to the airport. Hopefully, it didn't set a tone for the weekend.

OOPS ... should have added a spoiler alert

It looks to me based on the IMDB review that the vagina is not the enemy in this movie, but rather the girl's secret weapon against male violence (in the same vein as all the 1970s rape/revenge movies).

Hope you're both right, because if you are, it'll be hilarious. If not, it'll be sick and wrong.

But since I know there will be people who'll miss the point, even if that's the case, I have to treat this as serious for a moment:

1) Vaginas are among the most harmless things around. Tough, but not much for offensive weapons. The few I've encountered personally have actually been rather friendly. What's with all this fear?

2) There's an orifice that does have teeth, and powerful jaw muscles attached to them. Gladly. Why is this so much scarier?

What is interesting, and disturbing, is that someone decided that the way to market it was as a "cautionary tale for men".

Right. Because decent men need a campy horror movie to teach them not to rape, and rapists will be convinced by said movie.