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I had no idea my last name was so common

I thought that the people at Ellis Island misled my great-grandpa Moshe or that he was other confused when he decided that our name in this Goldene Medina should be Snyder rather than Schneider. But looking at the chart it seems that Snyder (144) really is more common than Schneider (272) ... hmmm ...

Anyway, my name is way too common (and increasing in how common it is - somebody's gotta do somethin' 'bout all them Germanic hordes pouring into our country and threatening to disrupt our Anglo-Protestant tradition with weird foods like sauerkraut and fussnugge and bizarre belief systems from outside of the Judeo-Christian tradition(TM) like Catholicism, Lutheranism and Judaism! ;) ), which makes publishing an issue (you know how many people have my same first and middle initial AND last name?). Oddly, my fiancee's name, which I thought would be pretty common - it is of Scottish origins (when I asked her about her last name and she replied "it's Scottish" - I immediately appreciated the whole Chef is from Scotland thing on South Park at a new level ;) ) - isn't even on the top 5000 (maybe the issue is that it has about 15 variant spellings - although hers is the most common - so if all of her extended family could agree on how to spell the name, maybe it'd crack the top 5000?). So maybe I should change my name when we get married? I would so be doing that if I hadn't already published under my current name!

I absolutely have to see this movie now

Am I the only one who found the trailer to be absolutely hilarious? That this concept could damn near plausibly be marketed as a horror film is funny in a sad kind of way, but I don't see how it could be anything but a comedy, and it could be absolutely brilliant. Could also go horribly wrong, of course, but I'm willing to reserve judgment until I see it.

If the point of it is to be scary and play on universal fears, well, I suspect very few women are afraid of bity vaginas. Might scare the crap out of the fellas, though.

I think the fear they're playing off of - based on the trailer, anyway - is the adolescent anxiety and discomfort about one's own fear that is perhaps often felt more acutely by girls. Given that she is caught up in a wingnut purity campaign while being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex, I don't see how these anxieties couldn't be central to the movie.