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The point of it is to be scary and play on universal fears

How long will it be before there's some movie with the tagline, "Hate Women? You'll Love This Film!" And considering what's already out there, just what will that film contain?

Also, even that scene shows how this film is obviously an idiot plot - i.e. one which only works if everyone is an idiot who reacts unlike most people would. I'm sorry, but most young women, even sheltered body fearing ones in denial, would get what's wrong and TELL the doctor before he looked. If there's one trope which is overworked in all drama, it's the unreasonable withholding of information - especially by women and teens. Which I do think is a toxic cliche, because it normalizes such non-communication.

This is why I can't stand most horror movies, because the protagonists often behave in some counterintuitive and unexplained way. I don't mind when they at least try to set up plot-driving bad decisions in a remotely plausible way, but quite often the audience has to fill in the gaps.

And though Scream wasn't as innovative as thought, I do wish more horror movies had characters who had seen horror movies.