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I'm sure you can figure it out

My name is in the top 20. Big surprise! I was thrilled when I met a black person with mylastname. (I'm white). My thinking is that my family aren't just euro-mutts, after all. But then I realized it was probably a slave name.

My name goes way back, and is so common I share it with a soap opera character and a very famous actress (and her brother).

Which will be more entertaining: the movie, or the reviews?

It looks to me based on the IMDB review that the vagina is not the enemy in this movie, but rather the girl's secret weapon against male violence (in the same vein as all the 1970s rape/revenge movies).

Hope you're both right, because if you are, it'll be hilarious. If not, it'll be sick and wrong.

But since I know there will be people who'll miss the point, even if that's the case, I have to treat this as serious for a moment:

1) Vaginas are among the most harmless things around. Tough, but not much for offensive weapons. The few I've encountered personally have actually been rather friendly. What's with all this fear?

2) There's an orifice that does have teeth, and powerful jaw muscles attached to them, and men stick their penises into them all the time. Gladly. Why is this so much scarier?