The different types of immigration

If you want to migrate from one country to another, you need an approved visa and you must have to maintain the immigrant status. But, there are various types of immigrant status. Every country has its own policy but there are basic four categories in which all the immigrants fall.

Citizenship of the country: Whenever you want to migrate from one country to another country, you can get the citizenship of that country but there are some requirements. If one person among your parents is belong to that country then you can apply for the citizenship of that country. You have to submit some documents like ID card, birth certificate and state approved driving license. Moreover, you have to prove that you are their child who basically belongs to that country. After the verification of the documents, you may get the visa and citizenship of that country.

Lawful permanent resident status: Immigrants who contain the green cards may also get the citizenship of the country after three to four years of continuous stay. Most of the people get the citizenship by using their green cards and after that they can participate in the social services and voting of that country. Green cards are issued on the different basis like family based green card, employment based green card and long term residential green card.

Temporary visitor status: Immigrants who want to stay for a short time in a country are entertained with the temporary visas. Those immigrants don’t want to stay for a long term in that country. They can move back to their homeland after their visa expires. Immigrants who use the visit visa are the temporary immigrants. Immigrants may get the visit visas for the purpose of business, tourism, medical treatment and visiting to the relatives.

Undocumented immigrant status: Every year many of the people cross the border illegally which lies in the undocumented immigrant status. Those people live and work in that country unofficially until they are detained. Many of the people are deported due to the illegal entry in the country or sent to the police for further inquiry. The people who hold the undocumented immigrant status are usually referred to the illegal migrants. Most of the people stay in the country even after their visa expire they also holds the undocumented immigrant status and count in the category of illegal migrants.

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